What’s Growing Here - City Hall

Monarchs loving on the Torch Sunflower

Monarchs loving on the Torch Sunflower

Mexican Torch Sunflower/Tithonia

Behold, the Golden Flower of the Aztecs! We love this branching sunflower so much we’ve declared it the mascot pollinator of our Sunny Patch Growing Project. Seeds can be obtained, courtesy of Good Worx Inc., at City Hall.



We love this edible flower and you’ll find them throughout our growing spaces around town - reseeds. This organic can be used in medicinal tinctures.


Giant Red Mustard-Brassica Juncea

One of our favorite Brassicas!


Mad Hatter Pepper

We add whimsy where we can and this pepper was a hit when we introduced it to our families in 2017.



They keep growing and growing and growing - we’ve got this edible allium throughout our sunny patches around town - and they make any potatoes better - what’s your favorite use of chives?


Golden Sedum


Bright Lights-Swiss Chard

A fixture in all our Sunny Patches! This showy leafy and colorful green has become a favorite for our pantry patrons around town.

Special Thanks to our donors and neighbors who help us grow everyday!

Hinsdale Nursery - soil donation/City Grange - calendula/COD Horticulture/Owano Family