What’s Growing Here - TC Patch


This isn’t just your ordinary garden patch!

We’ve been working with Hinsdale’s District 86 Transition Center for three growing seasons.

Our Sunny Patch and Sunny Patch Community Farm sites have provided some of these young adults with vocational training as well as a space to encounter nature outside of the typical work space.

We started this small growing installation in the summer of 2018 and some of the garden yields were shared with West Suburban Community Pantry.

This space also features a sensory garden space and as of April of 2019 - a compost system.

We’re working to make Darien a more sustainable place to live and our partners at the Transition Center are well on their way to doing just that. The staff and young adults are beginning to redirect their excess food scraps to their new compost tumbler. They’re working to help us create organic matter for our growing spaces and more importantly, working to see that food waste is diverted from landfills.

This season we’ll be showcasing organizations around our community who are working to help us make Darien a more sustainable place to live.

Look for the Sunny Patch Stamp around town this summer to follow what others are doing to support sustainability.

Monarchs loving on the Torch Sunflower

Monarchs loving on the Torch Sunflower

Mexican Torch Sunflower/Tithonia

Behold, the Golden Flower of the Aztecs! We love this branching sunflower so much we’ve declared it the mascot pollinator of our Sunny Patch Growing Project. Seeds can be obtained, courtesy of Good Worx Inc., at City Hall.



The first to show-up in the spring - this is an ornamental allium that welcomes spring and teases everyone for all the garden goodness to come!


German Chamomile

Tiny daisy-like herb we’re growing across all of our Sunny Patch grow spaces!


Lemon Verbena

A must in all of our sensory patches around town!



They keep growing and growing and growing - we’ve got this edible allium throughout our sunny patches around town - and they make any potatoes better - what’s your favorite use of chives?


Red Russian Kale/Ragged Jack


Kuri Squash

Special Thanks to our donors and neighbors who help us grow everyday!

  • Hinsdale Nursery - soil donation

  • City Grange - LaManda Joy

  • COD Horticulture

  • Good Worx Inc.