Free Seeds!

You've got to admit, just thinking about gardening makes the grayness of these winter months  a bit less gray.

We have a very extensive supply of herbs, vegetables and some flowers, mostly annuals.

We have a very extensive supply of herbs, vegetables and some flowers, mostly annuals.

They tried to bury us.
They didn’t know we were seeds.
— Mexican Proverb

Virtual Seed Swap

Unlike a traditional seed swap, there's obviously little or no real swapping going on here - of course, if you have any special heirloom seeds you care to share with us - share away!  But this is really just a fun, low-key, no obligation way to kick-off the gardening season a bit early and get everyone thinking good garden thoughts!

Name *
Please be as specific as you can be - Tomato is too broad - Black Cherry Tomato would be more helpful
We will only use this to reach out should we have any questions about your wish list. We will use this to contact you when your seeds are ready to be picked-up. We can notify you via email as well if you don't care to leave a number.




Indian Prairie Public Library will host their annual Seed Swap on Sunday, May 7th from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

We will be on site with seeds to share for this family friendly event!




Seed Resources we recommend:

We wanted to provide the links to some of our favorite gardening sites, if you should need any planting guides for any of the seeds you intend to plant this year.

One of our favorite donors to the Sunny Patch Project is Johnny's Seeds, click the image below to connect with their site:


A special thanks to Whole Foods Market Willowbrook!


We want to acknowledge the tremendous support we've received from our local Whole Foods Market in Willowbrook.

Not only did they make a random donation of over a thousand assorted seed packets early in our first season, but they chose us as their Grand Opening Partner for the One Dime at a Time Grant for the Fourth Quarter of 2015.  They continued to support our project with a second large seed donation for our second season as well.

Their support has allowed us to grow not only countless new plants for our families but our project as a whole!

The seeds that Whole Foods provided were Botanical Interest and are superior quality seeds - many of which we've been able to share with visitors to the Patch this past season.

To visit Botanical Interest site:

A special shout out to Amy Caruso for her continued support!!