We're working to find neighbors who might care to get in and grow with us as we work to assist at-risk families in our community - NO PRIOR GARDENING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY

If you think you'd be interested in being a part of our growing Sunny Patch community - leave your contact info. below along with any details you care to share about how you may want to get involved.  We need volunteers for virtually every facet of the garden - watering, planting, harvesting, pruning, etc. 


We’re currently piloting a Food Rescue initiative - since September of 2018 we’ve been able to rescue and redirect over 18,000 lbs. of excess food away from landfills and back to some neighbors. Excess we can’t share with families gets shared with our livestock and compost piles. All better solutions than the landfills.

Thanks in advance for reaching out and offering to help!

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This is in no way a commitment but it helps us gauge our possible base of volunteers.

If you'd rather jump ahead and check out our volunteer openings around the community, follow our signup link here to get started.

Check back in the coming days and weeks though because we'll be updating it as the growing season takes off.


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