We're working to find neighbors who may care to get involved with our Sunny Patch without ever leaving their home!  We call these members of our Sunny Patch our Home Patch network or our HOME GROWN Network!

For the past four seasons we've asked home gardeners if they might be willing to share some of their excess garden yields with us so we can share them with our network of select families.  The interest has been overwhelming and the garden yields, even more so!

Besides, how many zucchinis or cucumbers can one family use?  

We've learned that local pantries are always looking to receive garden fresh donations of this type so if you'd prefer to donate directly to your local pantry - we encourage that too.  If you need information about local food pantries reach out to us.

Donated garden yields shared with us are distributed, usually within 2 to 12 hours to at-risk families in our immediate community.  

Sometimes the hours and restrictions set at pantries prevent the food from getting shared as quickly but we've modified our harvest schedule to better accommodate our local food pantry partners. Again, either way, we hope you'll consider sharing your extra veggies!

The process to drop your extra fruits or vegetables is simple and we're very flexible and available to receive these special donations throughout the season.  We can even arrange home pick-up if that is most convenient.  

So if you think you'd be interested in being a part of our growing Sunny Patch community and you want to learn more about our HOME GROWN network- leave your contact info. below and we will reach out to you with more details:

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We realize some of the best Patches/gardens are not here with us. If you'd take a moment to locate your Patch for us - some of you may be gardening in area garden plots and choosing to assist our families-